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Screen Shots  


We have endeavoured to make installation of Multiplex Manager as easy as possible. However, If you have any issues with installation, please email

  • Windows
    Download the Setup Executable from the Downloads page.
    Run the program. It will install a Start Menu entry for Multiplex Manager, which can be used to start the program.

  • Mac OS X
    Download the Mac OS X Disk image from the Downloads page.
    Open the Disk Image and drag the Multiplex Manager icon into the Applications folder.

  • Linux Debian Package
    Download the Debian package from the Downloads page.
    Double click it to launch your package manager. There should be an option to install the package.
    It will automatically download the Qt libraries if you do not already have them installed.
    The package has been tested with Ubuntu 9.10 but should work with other debian based distros.

  • From Source
    Download the source code from the Downloads page.
    Download and install the latest 4.x version of Qt from
    Unzip the source code.
    Open a command prompt and run
    to generate the makefile and compile the source. On Windows, you many need to use mingw32-make instead.
    On Linux, you can install using the following command:
    sudo make install
    By default, the program will install to