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1/3/2014 It has been a very long time since the last update!
We are now up to 80 citations, and the rate seems to be doubling every year. Mutiplex Manager is still being used all around the world, and we are still supporting it. So as always if you have any questions, comments or feature requests, please email us at
18/1/2011 We are now up to 21 citations and over 1100 downloads. Multiplex Mananger has been recognised in two prominent literature reviews in Molecular Ecology Resources
(Guichoux et al, 2011 Gardner et al, 2011) as well as being mentioned in Butler's 2011 textbook, Advanced Topics in Forensic DNA Typing: Methodology
23/03/2011 Version 1.2 of Multiplex Manager is now available. You can get it from the Downloads page. Fixes in this version include:
  • Fixes a crash dragging very large markers on the results screen.
  • Calculate a horizontal scale for the results screen based on the maximum size range of the markers, so that it's easier to read.
  • On the results screen the hover tool-tip for markers now shows more marker information, and hovering over the average annealing temperature will show the minimum and maximum temperature.
  • You can now zoom in and out on your entire reaction set using the slider to the left of the results display.
31/12/2010 There is now a Debian package available for Linux users on the Download page. This has been specifically tested on Ubuntu but should work with any Debain based distribution.

Multiplex Manager has now been cited in a variety of different papers by various teams around the world. Have a look at the Paper page.

Usage of Multiplex Manager continues to increase, with over 850 downloads since the launch in 2009.
5/9/2009 Version 1.1 of Multiplex Manager is now available. You can get it from the Downloads page. Fixes in this version include:
  • Fix crash calculating annealing temperature (and incorrect complementarity scores) for sequences containing spaces.
  • Fix crash that occurred when the minimum and maximum allele size ranges were accidentally reversed. Now data is more strictly validated before you can analyse.
  • Fix problem importing CSV files generated with Mac OS X Excel. (For some reason it exports using Mac OS 9 style line endings rather than the more standard UNIX/OS X endings.)
  • Fix compilation problem on some Linux distributions.
  • Compiled against Qt 4.5, which contains updates and bug fixes.
  • and a variety of small usability improvements.
28/6/2009 Thanks for the response! So far Multiplex Manager has been downloaded 257 times, from all around the world,

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30/5/2009 The Multiplex Manager paper is available online at the Biotechniques Website:
Multiplex Manager 1.0: a cross platform computer program that plans and optimizes multiplex PCR
BioTechniques, Vol 46, No 7, pp 511-517
1/4/2009 The Multiplex Manager paper was accepted by BioTechniques. We are reasonably sure it's not an April Fools Joke.
10/9/2008 The Multiplex Manager paper was submitted to BioTechniques.